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sethgeekx86 04-22-2004 02:27 PM

xfce shutdown
I have chmod halt so a user can type /sbin/halt and the computer will shut down.
Would it be possable to write a sh script to shutdown xfce 4 and then halt.
If so how would i safely kill xfce. in the script.

slackwarefan 04-22-2004 02:36 PM

Not exactly sure what youre trying to say, but first of all chmoding halt shouldnt make it possible for all users to shut down, you have to edit /etc/sudoers /* think thats it */. Secondly, I assume you mean a script to leave runlevel 4 and X and then shut down? If so it would look something like this

#! /bin/bash
#Custom shutdown script

init 3

-Hope this helps.:D

sethgeekx86 04-22-2004 02:49 PM

a have it so a user is able to run /sbin/halt. By just halting with a script if xfce going to shutdown safely.

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