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thegato 09-04-2010 04:56 PM

x86_64 virtual machine question.
I have a processor that is pre-virtualization exetensions.

Virtual box works very nicely with a 32 bit guest OS but won't support x86_64 guests since I don't have the virtualization extensions.

I've tried qemu-0.12.5 and it works, but it's painfully slow. I also tried falling back to qemu-0.11.1+kqemu which is much faster but crashes during the slack setup (probably why x86_64 support is only considered experimental).

Does anyone know any good alternatives or if there's something i'm missing to speed up qemu? Is using newer hardware my only option?


afreitascs 09-04-2010 05:10 PM

I have 0.9.1-qemu-i386-2_SBo in my Slackcurrent using multilib ... qemu-version 0.9.1-i386-2_SBo is fast. In my case I have Win98, I use to use a dictionary of English (English-and portuques portuques - English)

good luck

ps :

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