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gtludwig 06-03-2011 02:03 PM

x64 -current sometimes hangs and other times "feels" slow
Hi all,

I know this is a rather too generic thread, but bear with me so I can try to explain it... I use Slackware64-current almost exclusively both at work (95%+ of the time) and at home (all the time! Even the wife has growing tender feelings for Slackware! :D).

At work, my box is a HP dc5850 microtower (CPU AMD Athlon Dual Core 5200B with 4GiB RAM DDR2). It's a pretty decent work machine. At home, I built from parts an AMD Phenon II X4 965 with 8 GiB RAM DDR3 - it's an awesome machine! :D

In both computers I have recently installed Slackwarew64-current and have applied the multilib packages from AlienBob (great work, btw!).

I'm a Java developer and have created a directoy under /opt for all the software I need for work (JDK, Apache Ant, Apache Tomcat, Apache Maven, etc). All settings are exported in /etc/profile, which is posted here.

But, occasionally, I feel the whole system (on either machine) to respond very slowly, like there's some sort of process eating up all resources. Considering what I have "under the hood", that's quite annoying.

I use stock KDE and kernel, plus a here-and-there tweak I got from this Dugan Chen's excelent post, mostly font-related.

How can I help you helping me?

Thanks in advance,

Drakeo 06-04-2011 08:07 AM

the dbus freeze up sure and this will be a problem as the new programs are built for current. Since Alien Bob is the developer for KDE and you run Current it would be good to go read his kde change log at ktown. the known issues with current. the reason is the config and strgi data base etc. how I test it is I rename my dot .kde file to .kde1 and let kde regenerate plus if you have been running current for a long time did you go in and make sure your aaa_elflibs can be updated. per /etc/slackpkg/blacklist read Pat's notes on running current.
hope this helps. Oh another big deal is to uninstall old programs read upgrade text those old programs can cause problems. please read Changes Tips and hints text This has helped me through the years.

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