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rooman 12-09-2002 02:43 PM

x server crashing often...
My x server crashes every evening, sometimes, like tonight, even 3 times in a row. I do a ctrl+alt+backspace to exit then restart x. Where can I find error logs so resolve this problem?

Slackware 8.1

Tinkster 12-09-2002 03:19 PM



Excalibur 12-09-2002 06:23 PM

You might also look at ~/.xsession-errors file. The "~" indicates the home directory for the current user. On a prior thread, another reported not having the file, but the file has always been there for me.

As to your problem, I would highly suspect an underlying hardware problem. The X server that ships with Slack 8.1 has proven to be very reliable. Even for three or four months straight without crashing. There is a known issue with AGP video and AMD processors, I think on some video cards. Also, if you are running a module based video drivers, like nVidia, then perhaps check for a newer version. Bad RAM could also cause a lot of unpredictable problems to appear as well. Just a few suggestions for you to consider.


rooman 12-10-2002 02:34 PM

Thanks again excalibur, you seem to have all the answers! In fact I wonder if you have really put your finger on the trouble spot. Yes, I'm running AMD and with a Kyro ll card that does not like supporting AGP under Linux. The x-server is supposed to be very stable I know so maybe this card is junk...

The GeForce 4 440 mx/Radeon 9000/ATI 7500LE have similar prices, can I assume that they have better linux drivers than those for the Kyro ll?

Excalibur 12-10-2002 03:05 PM

You need to investigate a little more into the potential problem. I think there was a patch or something. I'll see what I can find out. I would think others here would know more about the problem I am thinking of from earlier this year and could explain in more detail. I only use Intel CPU's anymore on anything above the socket 7 platforms.

Excalibur 12-10-2002 09:08 PM

Well, I was able to locate some info regarding the issue. Do a search here at LQ using mem=nopentium. It will provide many threads concerning the issue, look especially at the hardware forums. You will have to decide if the problem would apply to your configuration or not. If you think it does, then the solution would be to add a kernel argument. If not, then investigate other issues like RAM or video drivers, etc.

Good Luck.

rooman 12-11-2002 02:39 PM

Thanks, already had two crashes in last 30 mins.

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