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zeroz52 09-30-2005 04:40 PM

Would this work to sync my mp3s using amarok?

I was doing some searching for a way to be able to sync my mp3s in Linux. I found this script add on for amarok in the above link. Sounds like it would do the trick. Does anyone know anything about this or have used it? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Also, can someone point me to a good "tutorial" regarding optimizing Slackware? I want to do some tweeking to speed up my system and also learn more. Thanks alot. Cheers.

Fluxx 09-30-2005 05:37 PM

I have a folder on my harddisk with music, in which I rip and change music files and do everything concerning music.

To sync my mp3-player and external harddisk (usb) where I store the music files I take the program rsync (in a slackware installation included and normally used to sync a host with the own pc I think).

With a little script I sync my mp3-player and my harddisk (internal/external) without problems.

The text of the script:

# sync music files on the harddisk with the drive mounted on /mnt/sda1
rsync -rltuvz --delete --numeric-ids --progress /mnt/hda6/musik /mnt/sda1

Where /mnt/hda6/musik is my music folder and /mnt/sda1 is my mounted mp3-player.

If you add a "n" to -rltuvz you can test the script in a dry run -- without writing or deleting files.

After "chmod +x script-name" you can use the script in a terminal by typing the script-name.

Just try it -- it works fine for me.


zeroz52 09-30-2005 06:06 PM

oh wow, thanks man I will definately give that a try. Do you have a folder then that you put whatever music you want to load to your mp3 player before you sync it? I'm guessing this is where you store yours " /mnt/hda6/musik". Am I reading that correctly? Kind of a newbie to linux. And thanks for replying Fluxx, I've had troubles getting any help in the software section. Really appreciate it. Prost! Not sure I spelled that right. :p

Fluxx 09-30-2005 06:28 PM

My mp3-player is also a divx-player and has a harddisk with 30 GB. Therefore my music folder on my notebook (harddisk) is the same as on the player.

But you can create a special mp3-folder where you store only files for the mp3-player and this folder you sync with your player.

I hope I explained it correct - I learned English at school 20 years ago ...


zeroz52 09-30-2005 09:17 PM

That was perfect, thanks so much. Your english is quite good.:cool:

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