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business_kid 06-19-2019 08:24 AM

Wine 32/64 issues on Multilib Current
I decided to try wine-4.0.1 because, by a process of elimination, I've come to the conclusion that Alien Bob's wine-4.0 (which is a staging release) was not recreating a user's ~/.wine dir correctly, on my box, at any rate. More that that, I don't know.
Wine-4.0.1 is a 'stable' release.

So, I compiled with --enable-wine64 --libdir=/usr/lib64, and installed to a DESTDIR. Then I moved ~bin in the DESTDIR to ~bin64 and recompiled for a 32bit version, and installed to the same DESTDIR. A quick check showed wine64, & wine64-preloader were unique to the ~bin64 directory, and wine was unique to the 32bit version.
Am I ok to copy over wine64, & wine64-preloader, and use the 32bit version of all else? Both lib dirs go in, of course.

garpu 06-19-2019 09:10 AM

FYI, if you're compiling anything other than WINE 4.0 on current, be aware that there's a bug when it's compiled with gcc 9.1.0 and you're trying to use any Chromium-type application within it. (Like GW2's trading post, the League of Legends launcher,, and so on. There's a patch, and it should be pushed soon.)

If you need a WINE program capable of doing both 32 and 64-bit programs, the procedure for compiling it is a bit different. I'd highly recommend using Alien Bob's slackbuild or Dugan's slackbuild, because it's kind of a long process. More here: Or look at Alien Bob's script. It's a bit more complicated than a 64-bit version of WINE and a 32-bit version.

What were you doing that Alien Bob's WINE package wasn't working?

business_kid 06-19-2019 11:10 AM


Originally Posted by garpu
What were you doing that Alien Bob's WINE package wasn't working?

See post #1 here.

I wiped my ~/.wine, and when I went to recreate I got loads of dll errors. I'm used to wine nearly flipping the table over when it does that. I also got a pile of error 112 messages on other attempts, which mean different things in linux and wine. The my library app craps out frequently, the interface is bad, and a big update won't apply.

It's basically a 32bit wine I ended up with using that process. That was ok, because I only needed 32bit atm. Anyone's a fool now if he rules out 64bit, even in windows. I imagine I'll upgrade when Alien Bob does. The first thing I'll try is remaking a ~/wine.

dugan 06-19-2019 11:59 AM

You did look at this, right?

My SlackBuild, Alien Bob's SlackBuild, and the SBo SlackBuild (just use that...) all follow this procedure.

Afterwards, the only WINE binary you use is "wine". You should never use wine64 directly; the wine binary will detect whether the Windows program is 32-bit or 64-bit and then do the right thing.

business_kid 06-19-2019 01:03 PM

No actually I didn't know about or read that.

Didn't know that's how they bodged it

I had a look in the wine dirs, and see that sysWoW thing in there. I'll do that, that's ok. I have the source.

Part of this was that it was important to verify the archive. I have a couple of dud archives, but as a result of this effort, I know there is at least one good one, and I know which one is good. So I can copy that.

The thing that makes sense if anything does is a mistake in the backup disk (which I found and corrected) that lost me some stuff, and things going funny in ~/.wine shortly after.

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