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leeeoooooo 01-24-2012 07:05 PM

Wicd won't stay connected
I just got a new wireless router and now don't havr to go out on the road to get Wi-Fi anymore.

But what was an occasoinal annoyance is now becoming a real problem.

I cannot depend on wicd to maintain a connection.

It is as if wicd notices reduced web taffic (either slackpkg is installing a large package, or I've found a particularly interesting Wikipedia page) and when I (or the system) attempts to proceed again online, the connection isn't there.

Is there an easy way to insist that wicd hold a connection open until I specifically close it?


Peacedog 01-24-2012 09:49 PM

Hi leeeoooooo, Welcome to LQ. What is the make/model/firmware of the router? Does the connection drop when connected to other AP's?

Good luck. ;-)

Cultist 01-25-2012 04:38 AM

I used to have exactly the same problem. I never found a solid solution to the problem (it fixed itself after I upgraded from slackware 13.1 to 13.37), but my temp solution was to open a terminal and keep pinging That seemed to keep the connection open most of the time.

hitest 01-25-2012 08:33 AM

I've had good luck with networkmanager on my netbook running Slackware 13.37. There are dependencies associated with networkmanager which you can find in

bosth 01-25-2012 10:18 AM

Check /var/log/wicd/wicd.log.

leeeoooooo 01-25-2012 10:33 AM

I checked the log.

It looks like wicd is really trying, but gets dropped and thinks it tries to reconnect, but it doesn't.

I'm running Slackware 13.37 (current, actually) and don't want to have to keep pinging just to keep my connection up.

I'll take a look at networkmanager and see if that might work better for me.


leeeoooooo 01-25-2012 01:12 PM

Wow, NetworkManager looks like it will do what I want, but I sure don't need all that Gnome stuff just to support the user interface. I don't have anything else that needs gnome-keyring and all its dependancies.

I'm running on an eeepc and prefer simpler, more lightweight solutions. I decided to take deeper look at wicd.

I checked out their home site on sourceforge. I went through all the docs again, checked the configs, didn't see anything out of line.

...but now, for ther first time ever, when wicd loses its connection, it immediately reconnects.

This is all I really need.

Thanks all!

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