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gnus 07-15-2016 07:29 AM

Which window manager do you(Slackware user) use? and what set of tools(emacs, vim, mutt, gnus,kde etc.) do you use?
(Please let me know if such questions are not allowed in this forum)

Slackware has philosophy of keeping it simple, stable and safe. I am curious to know what set of tools do its users prefer. I am using Fluxbox WM and Gnus as a mail client since last few years. I want to know Which Window manager(if you are using it) and which console based mail client do you use? Why? (Not just WM and mail client, you can share the specific set of tools you prefer)

Thom1b 07-15-2016 07:32 AM

Fluxbox, rxvt-unicode, tmux. I don't use console based mail client, I use roundcube with seamonkey.

onebuck 07-15-2016 08:58 AM

Member response

Depending on the hardware, I will use a DE and preference is KDE for daily use on my Dell XPS702xl. For lesser hardware, I will use XFCE for a light DE. When possible I will use Thunderbird as my mail client, Thunderbird meets my mail needs on most hardware. Fluxbox at times but not that often. Most of my local work is on the command line on my systems.

When moderating here on LQ I will use X to have a GUI based environment to make things clean and easier. I do prefer Mozilla Firefox with addons to make things easy and secure.

For my Pi setups, I will use LXDE but mostly on the cli to get things done.

Have fun & enjoy!

Gordie 07-15-2016 10:03 AM

I like KDE if the computer has the resources for it. Otherwise my choice has become XFCE.
EDIT - I use webmail
ANOTHER EDIT - I am playing with a netbook 210-1000 c/w 1 Gig of RAM. Anyway, I find myself becoming fond of Fluxbox. Didn't see that one coming

wladwolkow 07-15-2016 10:37 AM

Slackware 14.2 + KDE + web-browser
Hello! I use Slackware 14.2 + KDE with KDE setting from this thread of woodsman
As author says

I keep the files stored at /etc/skel. Using the config files will do the following:

* No desktop effects/compositing
* No animations
* Nepomuk does not start
* Akonadi does not start
* Reduced tooltips
I like this configuration for KDE 4.14.3, fresh installed Slackware occupies with generic kernel 4.4.14 ~300MB of RAM (Slackware flyes as bird with that, that's why I loved KDE again), no composit. Just plain very basic KDE interface ready for modification and configuring vith heavy visual settings.

I don't like any mail clients - I think this is crap of the past, as well as different cd|dvd burners.

I use a lot of cloud clients: OneDrive, Yandex Disk, - cloud, Google drive on my Slackware Box.

I don't use any Skype - that is also crap from the past. Instead I use Viber, WhatsApp with my Linux and my iPhone (There is SlackBuilds for that on SBo).

bimboleum 07-15-2016 11:13 AM

ksh, xfce4, claws-mail, libreoffice, virtualbox

But it is well known that I am a little eccentric!


pete hilton

dugan 07-15-2016 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by gnus;5576393I
want to know Which Window manager do you use? Why?

OpenBox, because I like the keybindings.

Slacker133701 07-15-2016 12:04 PM

Just did a fresh install of 14.2. Currently using XFCE as my DE. I always found KDE to be beautiful but I'm not a fan of Kapps. If not XFCE, then i3 TWM works for me.

keithpeter 07-15-2016 12:37 PM

Another vote for xfce4/sylpheed. I prefer OpenOffice (rpm binary release from converted using rpm2txz) for documents and I replace xetex with texlive from

The oldest hardware I have at present is a Thinkpad X60 from December 2006 - dual core/1Gb RAM/Intel graphics which appears to have no issues running the xfce4 DE.

hitest 07-15-2016 03:12 PM

I prefer XFCE. If I have older hardware I'll choose Fluxbox. I use Thunderbird for e-mail.

luvr 07-15-2016 03:19 PM

XFCE. I don't even install KDE, because I'm apparently incompatible with it. My computer could surely run it, but I just cannot.

slackb0t 07-15-2016 03:23 PM

I just stated using i3 which is pretty cool. I used fluxbox before that...

Daedra 07-15-2016 03:28 PM

Mate with compiz-reloaded here. I use Thunderbird for mail client.

jmccue 07-15-2016 03:55 PM

vtwm, sometimes fvwm2 or fluxbox, depending on what I am doing. Mail was mutt for quite a while, but my ISP changed things 18 months ago and I had to go to thunderbird. With mutt 1.6.x, when I get some time, I plan on setting up for IMAP and if I get it going will return.


cockcrow 07-15-2016 05:04 PM

KDE5(by Alien Bob) -> default

XFCE + compiz + emerald (

Firefox -> default
Chromium(by Alien Bob) -> Netflix

I use webmail.

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