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waddles 10-03-2012 02:57 AM

Where has my rpm2tar gone
It was pointed out to me when I claimed I had neither rpm2tar, rpm2tgz, or rpm2txz, that I must have not had a full installation of my Slackware 13.37.
I do have an rpm2cpio.
/var/log/packages has tar-1.26-i486-1 as being installed.
A man of rpm's noted above shows no entry for each.
If I try rpm2tar <a dummy.rpm file> I get "command not found".
Using rpm2tgz and rpm2txz instead of rpm2tar yields:
rpm2cpio failed.
Will someone tell me:
if rpm2tgz/txz is in fact using rpm2cpio
why I have niether rpm2tar, rpm2tgz, nor rpm2txz
where is my rpm2 a tgz located if it exists [man -k rpm does not yield anything that looks close except rpm2cpio.
Since I am told rpm2txz was written for Slackware I am confused why my full (sans typesetting) install does not have it.

ruario 10-03-2012 03:15 AM

These is no rpm2tar in Slackware. However, rpm2tgz, rpm2txz and rpm2targz are all part of the rpm2tgz package (not the rpm package) and this package is part of the 'a' series.

EDIT: And yes, rpm2tgz uses (and so depends on) rpm2cpio, with rpm2cpio being provided by the rpm package. the rpm package is provided by the 'ap' series.

P.S. You could have used "slackpkg file-search rpm2tgz" to find out which package provides it. Or used MANIFEST.bz2. Just open it in less and search for the things you need.

waddles 10-03-2012 02:22 PM

Where has my rpm2tar gone
OK so rpm2tar is gone now from Slackware.
I have rpm2cpio.
There are NO man pages for rpm2tgz, rpm2targz, rpm2txz.
There is a /usr/bin/rpm2tgz and /usr/bin/rpm2targz
/usr/bin/rpm2tgz is a link to rpm2targz.
The find / -name "*rpm2targz*" found a /usr/doc/rpm2targz/rpm2targz.README which provided the info I needed.

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