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sig haus 11-20-2003 10:21 PM

what was i thinking
ok ive tryed RH9 ,mandrake 9.2 , and slackware couldnt get any of them to install right. been trying to get MD 9.2 to install for the last 20 some odd hrs (gave that up) now ive been trying to install slackware for the last 5 hrs... is there any distro that doesnt frezze up when it encounters firewire guess ill try 1 last time with slackware then if that doesnt work it is back to stupid winxp damn win sucks but at least i can get it to run

arrruken 11-20-2003 10:35 PM


dalek 11-20-2003 10:48 PM

Gentoo would be a good place to start. If you have broadband, it is really easy to keep up to date and add new software.

Give it a shot. Just not to many holes now. :rolleyes:


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sig haus 11-20-2003 10:54 PM

o guess ill try that one now is there anything special that i need to do to install it ie.... hard drive partitions/boot up floppy type this or this at the cammand prompt i really just want to get one distro up and running so i can get used to a new system and by the way thx

oh yea will it work on a laptop ok

sager 8887-s

arrruken 11-20-2003 11:00 PM

Yeah, theres alot you need to do with Gentoo, but its all for the sake of learning. Yes it will work on a laptop, but you may need to adjust a few things to get pcmcia working. It doesnt matter how much of a newb you are, just follow Gentoo's install guide, and you cant go wrong.(just dont skip any steps!)
here's the link:

good luck, and about the firewire thing, gentoo autorecognized and had my firewire working, although i disabled it, along with a host of other things, for the sake of ungodly speed.

dalek 11-20-2003 11:02 PM

Here you go. Hold on to your shorts.

Should work on a laptop. Make sure your battery is charged before you start compiling that kernel though. Speaking of, compile you own. Don't use the genkernel. It works for some but it doesn't for a lot of folks.

Gentoo is so cool. It is fun installing, but it is fast.


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dalek 11-20-2003 11:03 PM

I gotta start typing faster. :p :p


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sig haus 11-20-2003 11:21 PM

lol ok iive been there and am there now reading more thx guys

ok im there now but i dont get how to d/l the isos, ill keep looking .
dont get me wrong i found where to d/l them from but i dont get witch one to d/l

edit #2::
whats the dif between i686 and x86
what one would work best for hyperthreading or does it matter

kadaver 11-21-2003 02:40 AM

That is all covered in the installguide on

dalek 11-21-2003 03:07 AM

I used the i686 version. The x86 I think is for older machines. If your machine is really old then you most likely will need the x86. A fairly new rig will likely be ok with i686.

Hope that helps. I'm not sure where the change over is.


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pbhj 11-21-2003 04:55 AM

sig haus,

Perhaps in the interests of hackerdom you could say what you mean by "freeze up" ... what exactly happens with your slackware installation, are you sure it's firewire related? Have you tried removing your firewire card (or turn it off in BIOS if onboard) and then installing?

This link might help [you or someone else] ... , but it sounds like you've switched to gentoo now, oh well.

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