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Kelean 01-15-2005 08:25 PM

What first upgrade kernel or upgrade slack 10.0 to current
I want to upgrade the kernel to 2.6.10 and upgrade slackware 10.0 to current. I am running a P3 450 on a 4 gig partition. I would like to know which would be the wisest choice. I tried to update to current once using swaret with horrible results. I am convinced it was my fault. Being the impatient type and rather PO'ed I wiped the partition and reinstalled everything.

As I do not want to install slack again (getting rather good at it) I wanted to get some input before trying again. I have been reading the posts about the kernel upgrade and I do not see any issues with any of the hardware problems posted.

I appreciate any insight to my questions or a gentle pointing in the right direction. I love this site and have learned so much. One quick note, I only use linux with Slackware being my current choice. I have used Redhat 9.0, fedora C1, knoppix, Gnoppix, Kanotix, and Slax. I have not used that windblows stuff for almost 6 months nw and will not go back.

Thank you Kelean

Tuttle 01-15-2005 08:35 PM

I shouldn't matter which you do first, but I would update to current from a fresh install then upgrade the kernel.

J.W. 01-16-2005 01:01 AM

Upgrade to current first, then upgrade the kernel. Congrats on moving to Slack. As for swaret, personally I'd avoid it, but that is just my own opinion. Good luck with it -- J.W.

xushi 01-16-2005 01:29 AM

When you upgrade to current, its also upgrading from kernel 2.4.26 to 2.4.28. So go through that first, and then start tweaking or updating your kernel even further.

If you're using swaret, don't forget to remove the # from the line 'exclude=kernel'
and whenever it upgrades lilo, or the kernel, make sure to type
before you reboot, so that everything is updated, and you wont end up with 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 when you boot.

EDIT: Contrary to what JW said, you can use whichever method to update, including swaret.. It all depends on how well you know what you're doing.. Otherwise one would, for example, tell you "stay absolutely away from kernel compiling".

I myself have used nothing but swaret since it started, and i've never had problems.. Just know to type 'lilo' after kernel or lilo updates..

BrianW 01-16-2005 02:27 AM

I'd seriously/heavily suggest download the slackware folder out of slackware-current and make your own iso. (Pat provides this nice README describing how to make a bootable iso in Linux). This will probably save you the hassle of finding out that you will have gtk+2 and pango errors (I had these after my latest upgrade for some reason).

Good luck :)

J.W. 01-16-2005 02:40 AM


Originally posted by xushi
Contrary to what JW said, you can use whichever method to update, including swaret..
Well, please don't put words in my mouth. I clearly said that I was only stating my opinion about swaret, nothing more. -- J.W.

Kelean 01-16-2005 03:50 AM

Thank you all for the input. I will uptate to current first then the kernel, I will post my progress.

Kelean 01-16-2005 07:54 PM

Update, I had the 2.6.10 file downloaded. Then i went to update to current but I ran out of disk space. Another thing to look into. So I installed the new kernel. The only problem so far is my network card did not get setup. So do I need to recompile the kernel of just edit some files. Thanks for all the help. Kelean

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