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hypermegachi 10-29-2003 11:57 PM

weird launch behavior for mozilla firebird in KDE
i'm running KDE3.1.4, under slack9.1

i manually added a item to my kde menu with the menu editor.

i left everything on default, i didn't make a link, so the command is a full path to the executable. no extra parameters.

when i use the link in the menu, it launches, but very very weird. it launches 2 processes of mozilla. the first one loads quick, and i have a working browser, but the other loads in the background. i can't access it, but it's there because it's in the taskbar. it also seems to take a lot of cpu too because the mouse becomes jerky. after about 6 seconds the second process goes away and i continue using the 1st process.

the odd thing, is if i manually navigate to the directory with konqueror, and run it there, it works fine! loads in a second, no second process.

it seems to work fine launching it through the terminal too.

are there any special parameters or something i need to use for the menu link?


Cyclo 10-30-2003 04:58 AM

Nope. AFAIK that aint a second process entry - when you click on a link for an X progam, it adds a taskbar entry, and removes it when the program makes its own. IMO it probably doesn't realise that the firebird window *is* the firebird window, so just leaves it there until it times out. CPU usage probably firebird.

Strange, I use firebird in KDE, no such problem, with no extra parameters (though now i use artsdsp MozillaFirebird to get sound in flash)

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