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AceofSpades19 04-26-2011 11:57 PM

vmware workstation 7 on slackware -current

I can't seem to get VMware Workstation 7 to work on slackware -current, the kernel modules don't seem to compile and I have no clue why


Apr 26 14:12:33.446: app-140301894203168| Building module vmmon.
Apr 26 14:12:33.446: app-140301894203168| Extracting the sources of the vmmon module.
Apr 26 14:12:33.517: app-140301894203168| Building module with command: /usr/bin/make -C /tmp/vmware-root/modules/vmmon-only auto-build SUPPORT_SMP=1 HEADER_DIR=/lib/modules/ CC=/usr/bin/gcc GREP=/usr/bin/make IS_GCC_3=no VMCCVER=4.5.2
Apr 26 14:12:35.044: app-140301894203168| Failed to compile module vmmon!

Any ideas?

willysr 04-27-2011 12:06 AM

you need to patch it
see my blog for the link to the patch

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