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davidsrsb 12-06-2005 10:24 PM

via sound has vanished
10.2 "current"
kernel is stock 2.4.31
The sound on this machine worked fine for several months, but suddenly I get an error that module snd-via82xx cannot be found.

I reinstalled the kernel modules and only see a module called via82cxxx_audio
Trying to insmod this module gets a lot of symbol not found errors.

gbonvehi 12-06-2005 10:41 PM

The one you're missing is a ALSA driver, check if you've alsa-driver package.

kodon 12-06-2005 10:41 PM

reinstall alsa

davidsrsb 12-07-2005 01:08 AM

That's it, somehow I had gone back to alsa_driver 1.06 for 2.6 kernel.
Reinstalled 1.09b and all is well

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