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abs 10-31-2003 05:54 PM

v9.1 d2 rescue/live do i...?
i found the 'live' dir on cd2. i was wondering what command i could use to actaully start it up.
'boot: linux root=/dev/hdc' doesn't point to that dir, so how do i give the options for the mount point to be used? it's not possible to give dir names when using /dev notation, right? i.e. not possible to say 'root=/dev/hdc/live' so how do i mount the live dir and start the live cd? i know i could just boot normally and then mount it but my question is related to actually starting and using it 'live'. i was thinking maybe it was something along the lines of 'boot: linux root=/dev/hdc mount /live / ro' (ofcourse, i know the ro isn't neccessary)'

i use the 'boot: linux root=/dev/hdb1' to start ANY linux distro i install without using lilo (esp on my current machine). i don't have a floppy drive :P

shellcode 10-31-2003 06:18 PM

insert the cd and restart. if your bios can boot cd's (before harddisk) it will detect it and you can use it live. does this answer your question? oh and get a floppy drive.

abs 10-31-2003 08:34 PM

it's already setup to boot the cd rom first. it shows me the boot prompt. i press enter, it asks for login, i type root and voila! but that's hardly the live disk, right? the install disk 1 does the same thing. so what's the difference? and disk 2 IS specifically supposed to be a live disk. unless live implies just simple bash prompt, which i somehow doubt.

frandalla 10-31-2003 08:47 PM

Man, you didn't dig it deep inside did you? I got connected from that "simple bash prompt" to my ADSL PPPoE ISP and posted from there... The matter is that the live in that cd is a CLI Live-CD... you're meant to use it from that "simple bash prompt" which is in fact the Live-CD

obs: used ADSL-* to get connected and links to surf on the web

abs 10-31-2003 09:30 PM

well, now that makes sense. i didn't know it was "supposed" to be a cli-cd, thought i was missing some command somewhere, read through all the intro doc, etc. neways, thanks.

btw, i DID already setup my network adapter, etc. from it and ran the tagfile saving/editing script off ftp.


shellcode 10-31-2003 10:54 PM


Originally posted by abs
but that's hardly the live disk, right?

however if you want a gui on a live cd i would download KNOPPIX, GNOPPIX, or slackware live (

frandalla 11-01-2003 08:47 AM

didn't know about Gnoppix :)

abs 11-04-2003 06:55 PM


Originally posted by shellcode KNOPPIX, GNOPPIX, or slackware live
i resorted to knoppix when i lost my hdisk with the slack install. wish i'd known about slack live, but it has kde too so... :(

perhaps i'll try the scripts to create a "bootable linux live cd" :study:

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