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Lysander666 03-14-2019 04:40 AM

Username/password in nmtui-connect or network manager [new -current experiment]
I have been given another computer to salvage - however, this one is not a Chromebook so it should be a lot easier.

I have Slackware live up and running and I'm trying to connect to public wifi. I can either use KDE network manager or nmtui. However, the public wifi requires a username and password. I can't work out where to put these because there are so many options - WPA Enterprise, Personal etc - using LTS or tunneled. It's rather confusing.

nmtui-edit gives me similar options just in an ncurses. What's the best way to work out where to put the username and password, trial and error?

Lysander666 03-14-2019 05:46 AM

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OK, I should have known. It was one of those situations where there was a login page. As usual,


and then putting the IP in the address bar took me to the login page. This is the new machine. Seeing as my experiments with the Chromebook and -current didn't work, I'll be attempting to put -current on this machine. It doesn't have a hard drive at the moment, it ran off a PCIe SSD, so I'll probably be using an SD card for a drive since it's way cheaper.

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