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ta0kira 11-14-2004 09:32 AM

usb-storage problem with differing devices
(in Slack 10.0) When I start up, the usb-storage module is already loaded. I have 2 different usb disks, both of which will mount properly if mounted before the other. The problem comes when I umount one and then try to mount the other one. I sometimes get a message that says there is an error with the disk (can't remember it at this time, corrupt something or other though). I then have to modprobe -r usb-storage, then try to mount the device (giving me the error of 'not a valid block device') then reload the module. After all that the device will mount properly. Any ideas? Thanks.

JohnKFT 11-14-2004 12:09 PM

I sometimes have a problem that sounds similar to this and all I do is unmount the disk, remove it and put it in again. Maybe I am lucky.

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