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nezdravanul 12-16-2010 05:33 AM

USB port problem on slackware 12.1
I have 2 usb ports on my laptop running slackware 12.1 and I use a wireless mouse on it. Now,if the usb receiver of the mouse is plugged in the first usb port before powering on the laptop, then the mouse is recognized and it works ok after boot. If the usb receiver is plugged in the second usb port,also before the laptop is powered on, the mouse is not working and I have to plug the receiver off and then to reinsert it in order to make use of the mouse. So this would be my problem: what could be wrong with the second usb port? Also I noticed that the mouse in the second usb port works ok and I don't have to unplugg and reinsert the receiver if there is another usb device (a usb memory stick or another mouse) inserted in the first usb port.

Thanks for any help.

acummings 12-16-2010 11:14 PM

It likely has to do with udev and its auto identifying which port number or identifier

I'm not skilled enough on it. So, I'd likely just always keep the mouse in the first position.

But I'm wonder if search the forum for the next two words

udev usb

would do any good.


acummings 12-16-2010 11:22 PM

udev has been under development for some time.

Therefore (if knowledgeable others concur) well, I myself would want Slackware 13.1 on my laptop (has much later udev, hal, and other relevant versus what 12.1 has)

Plus the 13.1 kernel has later drivers than 12.1 kernel has (in case your laptop is late hardware)

Also, you've not shared what is your hardware (we don't know if it's an i7 or, instead, an oldie but goodie with an old, the older spec. usb 1.1


nezdravanul 02-25-2013 08:55 AM

problem reappeared
I know that it's been a long time since I opened this thread. Well, at some point in time, i managed to solve this problem by using a dual boot (slackware 12.1 and [ubuntu 10.10]/[ubuntu 11.xx]/[slackware 13.0]/[slackware 13.1]/[slackware 13.37]/[slackware 14]) and using grub instead of lilo as boot manager. To be more specific, when I had dual boot with ubuntu, I installed grub from the Ubuntu CD; when I had dual boot with slackware [13/13.1/13.37/14] I installed the newer slackware, with lilo and then installed grub on slackware 12.1 and used that grub. Today I wiped out the slack 14 in order to make room for the "OS Who's Name Shall Not Be Spoken" in it's seventh version (Yes, I had no trouble not having it for some years now, but I have to do some work using Global Mapper and since my laptop has only amd turion at 2ghz and only 2gb of ram there would be too much time consuming to run the application in a wm). After installing that O.W.N.S.N.B.S. I booted into slackware 12.1 and reconfigured grub so it could boot Slack 12.1 or the O.W.N.S.N.B.S. All well until rebooted and saw that the problem with mouse reappeared. Maybe it worths to say that I made no change to the slack system all these years so I don't think this might have something to do with udev (or it might but I can't understand how or why). Oh, and there is another thing: for now there is no more a problem related to my first usb port. It's related to any USB port (although I have only two).

P.S. I am sure that running any Slackware (from 13.0 to current) alone wouldn't get me this issue but I want 12.1 because of kde 3.5.x, wich I'm used to it, and because of beeing too lazy to install and configure lots of 3-rd packages I allready have working on 12.1.

P.S.2: maybe it's related to X config?

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