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jamesf 06-02-2012 11:33 PM

Upgrading to Apr 14 KDE 4.8.2 - did I mess up?
Yesterday I upgraded to KDE 4.8.2 by finally catching up to -current again.

The Changelog had some notes:

NOTE:  After upgrading, the following obsolete KDE packages should be removed:
  kdeaccessibility, kdebase, kdebase-runtime, kdebase-workspace,
  kdebindings, kdeedu, kdegraphics, kdeutils, koffice, konq-plugins,
  kopete-cryptography, polkit-kde-1, and all koffice-l10n-*.

I executed those notes by doing a removepkg on the old packages. removepkg showed some lines like (not exact):

WARNING: file xxx changed after installation
I remembered one of the many such lines. After I was finished with the notes I looked for the file mentioned. It was gone. I grepped /var/log/packages for the file. It was listed in kde-baseapps-4.8.2-i486-1.

I did a 'slackpkg reinstall kde-baseapps-4.2.8-i486-1' and the file re-appeared in its normal place.

A bit worried, I wrote some horrible bash scripts to help me locate missing files (run as root, output is in missingfiles.txt in the /root directory):

#  For every file in /var/log/packages calls a script to verify
#  that all files listed in the package exist.
#  If called script exit code is 1 list the package name.

for name in `ls /var/log/packages` ;
        /root/ </var/log/packages/${name} ;
        [[ $? == 1 ]] && echo ${name} ;
done >/root/missingfiles.txt


#  Reads a package installation log.  For every line after the text FILE LIST:
#  verifies that the file exists.  If it does not it echoes the file name and
#  sets the exit code to 1.

export retcode=0

while read aline
        if [[ ${infilelist} == 1  && \
              ${aline} != install/* && \
              ${aline} != *.new && \
              ${aline} != *.orig ]] ; then
                if ! [ -a "/${aline}" ] ; then
                              echo " " ${aline} does not exist ;
                        export retcode=1;

        if [ "${aline}" == "FILE LIST:" ] ; then
exit ${retcode};

Ignoring all of the entries in /dev that devs-2.3.1-noarch-25 doesn't install (?), there are about 1,000 files "missing." Almost all of them are in /usr/doc/HTML/en. Here's a short snippet:

  usr/doc/HTML/en/ark/ does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/ark/ark-mainwindow.png does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/ark/index.docbook does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/ark/man-ark.1.docbook does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/ark/index.cache.bz2 does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/blinken/ does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/blinken/blinken_nickprompt.png does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/blinken/blinken_helpbutton.png does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/blinken/index.docbook does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/blinken/index.cache.bz2 does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/blinken/blinken_highscoresbutton.png does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/blinken/blinken1.png does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/blinken/blinken_accesskeys.png does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/blinken/blinken2.png does not exist
  usr/doc/HTML/en/blinken/blinken_quitbutton.png does not exist

Skipping the devs-2.3.1, ca-certificates, and glibc packages that are listed, should I reinstall all of the listed packages to get the documentation back? I've done a couple on a test machine and the missing files re-appeared.

Did I do something wrong on the upgrade? I simply did:

slackpkg update
slackpkg install-new
slackpkg upgrade-all
removepkg <packages listed in Changelog NOTES>

Thanks for reading and thanks, too, for any advice.

alekow 06-03-2012 04:25 PM

If I were you, I wouldn't worry and upgraded to kde 4.8.3 using Alien Bob's packages:

jamesf 06-03-2012 10:43 PM

Thanks, but I'm trying to stay pretty close to -current. Less to clean up that way, hopefully.

I was hoping that someone else using KDE would run those scripts and see if they got similar results.

Of course, there's one error in them: calls /home/james/ and should instead call /root/

Oh, well. Who's perfect? ;vD

jamesf 06-05-2012 03:12 AM

Did anyone using -current notice anything similar? Are the files mentioned in the snippet above there?


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