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Andy Alt 10-05-2006 05:20 PM

upgrading aaa_elflibs, contradiction
I was wonder about the recommended procedure for upgrading aaa_elflibs. I haven't had any problems for over 18 months, but would like to get a final answer on this.

In the slack package description of aaa_elflibs:

aaa_elflibs: This package should be not upgraded or reinstalled (it could copy
aaa_elflibs: over newer library versions).
In UPGRADE.txt, no mention is made of aaa_elflibs. There are three packages that it says to upgrade before upgrading everything else.

So does this mean it is or isn't safe to simply use "upgradepkg" on aaa_elflibs?

Andy Alt 10-05-2006 05:27 PM

Disregard. I found the answer.
Slackware aaa_elflibs and aaa_base packages


The aaa_elflibs contains a collection of basic libraries already present in other slackware packages (a few required a/ and l/ libraries). The idea is to save you in the case you select a non-full installation and omit some crucial libraries.

But precisely because of that, you shouldn't upgrade the package, since it contains libraries present in other packages, and would end up overwritting them (aaa_elflibs sometimes contains an older version of a few libs).

If you followed me, then you might realize that it *could* (I haven't tried it) be possible to upgrade aaa_elflibs, if it's done before everything else. But once again, it shouldn't be needed, ever.

neural 10-05-2006 05:46 PM

I believe during slackware-current I did have to upgrade aaa_elflibs because something had changed in one of the other packages. I believe a library that was part of apache was added to aaa_elflibs and when I upgraded apache the library was missing. I believe it was libmm. If i remember correctly there was some issue with the version of libmm which caused apache not to load and I had to actually upgrade aaa_elflibs in order to get apache working correctly again. You might want to look into changelog and search for libmm. I'm not sure if its an issue now but when upgrading regularly to slackware-current it was a brief issue for me.

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