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HaroldWho 11-25-2006 01:21 PM

'upgradepkg' params during 10.2 -> 11.0
The Upgrade HOWTO on the 11.0 CD calls for the param
"--install-new" for the upgrade:

"upgradepkg --install-new /path/to/packages/*/*.tgz"

Doesn't this install ALL the packages on the CD? I just want to upgrade only those packages that are installed now in 10.2.

Where will I go wrong by not using the --install-new param?


masonm 11-25-2006 02:24 PM

Some stuff has been added that wasn't in 10.2 Without also installing the new things some stuff may not work or work correctly.

If you're going to upgrade your system I would highly advise you to avoid some grief and follow Pat's instructions.

dunric 11-25-2006 07:08 PM

You need not to install everything if you know at least a bit what you are doing. Just do upgradepkg without the install-new parameter. Required packages are described in tagfile in every packages section (a, ap, d, e, f, k ...) and only these need to be installed by upgradepkg --install-new.
Just FYI slapt-get dist-upgrade command does this automaticaly for you.
I use this practice for a long time and didn't have any serious problems so far. I like to keep the most stripped down installation with a must packages only.

HaroldWho 11-27-2006 01:10 PM

Thanks for the answers. I am experimenting with a 'clone' of my working system, so I'm going to try the upgrade without the --install-new param.

I really don't want to install the whole distro. There are fairly clear comments about split packages (10.2 vs 11.0) in the 'Hints' file on CD #1. I'm not familiar with the tagfiles but I guess it's something I need to know.

If all else fails I can start over and use --install-new.


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