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jim_naisium 07-26-2007 07:06 PM

Unable to print to shared printer...
Hi All,

I have a shared printer on my Linux server, it is an HP laser jet 4 with a parallel cable, the Linux server is running Slackware 10.2, the workstation that is trying to print is running 11.0.

I can print from the server and I have another workstation running Windows 2k Pro, it found the printer and has no trouble printing.

But from the Slackware 11 box the only way I can find the printer is by going into the SMB (Shared Windows) and browsing the network for it, the wizard sees everything on my network, including the shared printer on the 10.2 server, I add it, it installs it and all seems to be fine.

But when I try to print something from the 11.0 box a little tiny box flashes up in the corner of the screen and then nothing happens, if I tell the Win2k box to print the printer prints the job like it is supposed to.

Any suggestions?

Vincent_Vega 07-26-2007 08:50 PM

Have you edited the /etc/cups/client.conf file on your Slack 11 computer? There is a line in that file 'ServerName' where you need to add the server's IP address.
Post your cupsd.conf file from the server and your client.conf file from the client computer. This will be a simple fix for you.

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