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Nadim 10-24-2003 05:19 PM

ugly lilo interface :"can i change the look of lilo"
hey hello everybody..
linux became to me mature and when i enter on it i feel myself like doing a rockscience or something ..
and each time i enter i feel the same (been using linux for two month now ) but
i hate the look of LiLo its how to say a bit depressing not beautiful
red and white it s remind me of an ugly boxer..
so can i change the looks of lilo without changing lilo itself ?

Azmeen 10-24-2003 08:18 PM

Not easy to implement, personally I never bothered because the reason I use Linux is not to look at the bootup screen :p

Fascistchicken 10-24-2003 09:00 PM

the only reason i use linux is to look at the bootup screen

Cerbere 10-25-2003 12:03 AM

From man lilo.conf:


              Specifies use of a 640x480x16 bitmap  file  as  the
              background  on which a boot menu is displayed.  May
              not be used if 'message=' is  specified.  Requires
              that  'install='  specify  a  boot-loader  which is
              capable of displaying the bitmap; i.e., boot-bmp.b.
              (Version  22.3): Use of this option now implies use
              of a bitmap-capable boot loader, unless  overridden
              with "install=" (see below).

              Specifies  the  decimal  values of the colors to be
              used for the menu  display  on  a  'bitmap='  back-
              ground.  The list consists of 6 entries, 3 for nor-
              mal text followed by 3 for highlighted  text.  The
              order  of  each  triple is: foreground color, back-
              ground color, shadow color.  If background color is
              not specified, "transparent" is assumed.  If shadow
              color is not specified,  then  "none"  is  assumed.
              The  list  entries are separated by commas, with no

              Specifies the  location  and  layout  of  the  menu
              table.  <x>,<y> specify the starting x- and y-posi-
              tion of the upper left corner of the table in char-
              acter  coordinates:  x  in  [1..80],  y in [1..30].
              <ncol> is the number of columns in the menu (1..5);
              and  <nrow> is the number of rows (entries) in each
              column.  If more than one column is specified, then
              <xsep>  is  the number of character columns between
              the leftmost characters in each  column:  (18..40),
              and  <spill> is the number of entries in one column
              which must be filled before entries spill into  the
              next  column. <spill> must be .le. <nrow>. If pixel
              addressing is used, instead of  character  address-
              ing,  then any of <x>, <y>, or <xsep> may be speci-
              fied with a 'p' suffix on the decimal value.

              Optional specification of the 'timeout='  countdown
              timer.  <x>,<y> specifies the character (or pixel)
              coordinate of the location of the timer the same as
              'bmp-table='  above;  and the color triple specifes
              the character color attributes the  same  as  'bmp-
              colors='  above,  with the exception that the back-
              ground color must be specified.  If used  to  over-
              ride the timer specification in a bitmap file, then
              the form 'bmp-timer = none'  is  acceptable.  This
              will disable the timer display entirely.

--- Cerbere

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