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Slim Backwater 08-08-2006 09:10 PM

udev and missing lvm nodes in -current?
So how does this new udev work, and how do I get it to remember my lvm nodes in /dev?

I was running an older -current and updated today and had problems booting, although I did get a login prompt I couldn't login as root. I was able to login as my user account and su to root.

What happened is that I have lvm volumes for /var /usr /home /tmp and during bootup, during the mounting of fstab, I got errors about invalid device names. Basically my /dev is missing my 'main' volume group and the logical volumes in it.

After su'ing to root, I can run vgmknodes and then mount -a to get everything back, but on reboot, the entries in /dev are gone again.

I boot with an initrd and that works fine, even after I updated the lvm.static on it with the latest from -current. (and the lvm pv is on a s/w raid-1 so I also updated mdadm)

It's just my /dev entries for my lvm volumes are missing.

I think I'm going to try and edit rc.S, and change where it calls vgscan, to vgscan --mknodes, but there's gotta be a better 'udev' way to do this.




*Edit: is this it? I have to edit /etc/udev/50-udev.rules?

*Edit #2: Found in udev.rules:

# No dmsetup in slackware by default (LVM2 is in testing)
#KERNEL=="dm-[0-9]*", ACTION=="add", PROGRAM="/sbin/dmsetup info -c --noopencount
 --noheadings -o name -j %M -m %m", SYMLINK+="disk/by-name/%c"

so I uncommented that line, rebooted, still failed to mount but I have my LVM entries in /dev now. What's missing is the DM nodes! Calling `dmsetup mknodes` fixes that; but now I'm on the track of finding out the 'udev' way of doing that.

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