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elesmod 08-05-2013 06:34 PM

Typo found in Slackware14 installer
While working on a translation for the Slackware installer, I've found spelling errors.

When you're in the window with the list of installation modes (full, terse, menu etc.), select the last one (help) and there it says:

"If you're got enough disk space" - of course it should be "you've".

"and remove and unnecessary ones" - i believe "and" should be deleted or changed to "the"

Also, I've found a leftover (I think) from the Gnome days. If you don't go through the installer's options in order, i.e. you choose "Select" option before "Source", the list of disk series will show GNOME.

Maybe it's been fixed in current, so if someone has it, could you check if the typo is still there and report back? :)

I've found another one. I cannot find this in the Slackware14 installer; maybe it's been added in current. It's in the "Slackware PXE Server Help" by Eric Hameleers:
"Computers who boot from your PXE server", I know we love our computers, but I think it should be "which" instead of "who" :)

volkerdi 08-07-2013 03:23 AM

Fixed the two typos in the prompt help file, thanks.

The GNOME thing isn't really a leftover, or a bug. If the installer can see the package source, it'll take the list from there (if there's a setpkg script in the isolinux directory). Otherwise it will use a list that's everything Slackware ever had. This makes it possible to use a newer installer to install an older version of Slackware, or to drop a gnome series in place that was obtained from another source. I agree it's a little bit surprising if you do things out of order and that pops up, but it doesn't really hurt anything.

I'll pass that third typo along.

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