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jdeka 06-28-2003 03:04 AM

TrueType Font Display and long font names
I was recently successful in installing true-type fonts on my system and am able to use them in all of my applications. Hooray! But there's a problem...

As I said, I can use my true-type fonts just fine in my applications and am able to change the size at will. Unfortunately, I'm running into a bit of trouble with the long font names and FluxBox styles. I am able to select all of them in xfontsel. In FluxBox styles, I am forced to use the long font name, but the only valid long font name from xfontsel produces HUGE fonts.

I have an idea as to what the problem MIGHT be, but being a Linux newbie, I'm probably wrong. In my true-type directory, my fonts.dir files reads mostly like this:

verdana.ttf -microsoft-Verdana-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1

where the only difference is the first two attributes (foundry and family) and the last two attributes (registry and encoding), but all have the string of zeros.
In my other font directories, such as 100dpi, the fonts.dir has entries that look more like this:

helvB14-ISO8859-2.pcf.gz -adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--20-140-100-100-p-105-iso8859-2

This fonts.dir has much more definition to the long font names.

So a few questions: Could it be that I need to set the long font names differently in my fonts.dir for my TrueType fonts, or is there a different way to change the size of TrueType fonts? Or do I have to get an entirely different font file?

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