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andrew.46 03-04-2008 08:11 PM

Trouble with Audio cds: Slackware 12 / xfce

I have an odd problem in Slackware 12 and xfce where only mplayer can play music cds. I am able to play audio cds perfectly as follows:


$ mplayer -cache 10000 -cdrom-device /dev/cdrom cdda://
But the media player audacious (Alt C) has the following message:


No PlayableCD found
No CD inserted, or inserted CD is not an audio CD.
I am also able to rip music cds using cdparanoia with no trouble.

Any thoughts on this one? I was thinking of installing another media player to test this out a little more and had my eye on orpheus as I am not into the big kde apps :-)


andrew.46 03-04-2008 10:11 PM


Seems to be fixed! Although Audacious seemed to have the correct configuration for my cdrom I had to use one of its tools to 'poke' the drive:

Preferences ==> Plugins ==> CDAudio Plugin ==> Preferences ==> Device ==> Check Drive ...

And with this audacious roared into life. Hmmm.... give me the command line any day :-)


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