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Zwergele 11-07-2013 06:46 PM

Time/Warner Cable and Mutt
Does anyone have experience setting up Mutt without using RoadRunner or some other web-based e-mail account? Time/Warner Cable can't understand what I'm trying to do. Sample config file appreciated if you are a T/WC customer. TIA!

andrewthomas 11-07-2013 08:14 PM

Zwergele 11-07-2013 10:36 PM

At first glance, this is obviously an encyclopedic reference for Mutt users, and immensely valuable. I am grateful to be reminded of its existence!

My problem may, however, be insoluble. Time/Warner Cable is unwilling or unable to provide me with information that will allow me to connect so as to download mail from their server. At every turn, the question was, "What e-mail address do you want?" or, "What is your current e-mail address?" As far as I could tell, the policy is that a mail user agent (which is exactly what Mutt is) is simply not welcome to connect to the Time/Warner server and download mail intended for a subscriber; that's new to me, and distressing.

If I understand things correctly -- which is unlikely, I admit -- it seems that e-mail is about to become entirely web-based. MUAs like Mutt are becoming a thing of the past as ISPs lock them out, and more's the pity.

I hope I'm wrong! Can anybody prove that I am, please?

In truth, I'm considering changing to a congenial ISP simply in order to be able to use Mutt again. Had I known that Time/Warner would be so frustrating and exclusionary, I would never have signed up with this company. This is a genuine disappointment, and I hope there is a way of resolving it so I can get away from Gmail and all other web-based e-mail services.

andrew.46 11-08-2013 01:12 AM

I don't use that service, in fact I am in the wrong country to start with, but looks like two different settings based on the email address the tech guys are asking for:

Zwergele 11-08-2013 02:45 AM

This looks like just what I need. I have to wonder why the folks who are supposed to help customers were unaware of this information....

Many thanks, Andrew!

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