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opt9 05-29-2010 01:24 AM

tango-icon-theme-extras PACKAGE DESCRIPTION error
PACKAGE NAME: tango-icon-theme-extras-0.1.0-noarch-1.txz
PACKAGE LOCATION: ./slackware/l
PACKAGE SIZE (compressed): 64 K
PACKAGE SIZE (uncompressed): 1760 K
tango-icon-theme-extras: tango-icon-theme-extras (Extras for the Tango icon theme)
tango-icon-theme-extras: This is an extension to the Tango Icon Theme. Currently it includes
tango-icon-theme-extras: Tango icons for iPod Digital Audio Player (DAP) devices and the Dell
tango-icon-theme-extras: Pocket DJ DAP.
tango-icon-theme-extras: Visit the Tango project at:

IMHO, It must be, not

jong357 05-29-2010 09:01 AM

Right you are. It's not likely to get fixed by posting it here tho. Send Pat an email with the bug report.

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