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bartgymnast 09-07-2013 05:27 PM

sysklogd, rsyslog or syslog-ng
As you all know, sysklogd is used standard by slackware.

however I think slackware needs to change to rsyslog


main reason is multi-threading.
with all newer CPU's sysklogd has problems in keeping up.

rsyslog is basically an extension upon sysklogd.
it also follows the RFC 3195 (syslog-reliable) standard.
it also supports ipv6 which sysklogd does not.

basically all above features are also in syslog-ng if not mistaken.
However, syslog-ng has 2 licences. (1 of them an enterprise licence)
so imo syslog-ng would be a no go.

What are peoples opinion about this ?
and why does slackware need to stay with sysklogd instead of rsyslog (or syslog-ng) if you think that would be best.

sinuhe 09-10-2013 11:11 AM

syslog-ng would be a bad idea.

rsyslog has enough universal use in the Linux world that I think it is a good switch to make. sysklogd development seems to have stagnated since rsyslog's adoption. Some of the last patches added for it were in 2009 for IPv6 support. However, sysklogd is stable, even if not feature rich, and there may not be enough momentum on rsyslog yet to switch when there are other packages that need attention.

Give it time. If sysklogd continues to stagnate it is likely rsyslog will replace it. In the mean time, there's a slackbuild for rsyslog if it is needed.

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