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business_kid 10-11-2012 08:51 AM

Suspend Issue with Firefox-15.0.1
Just a minor niggle on Slackware-14.0. When I resume from a suspend, firefox menus will not respond correctly to the mouse. I click on Bookmarks, and the menu might appear (1-2 out of 5 times) and if I move the mouse off the word 'Bookmarks,' it's gone. Alt_B opens the bookmarks, return opens a folder of bookmarks, and up/down arrows select fine. So it goes for all menus.

I don't want 'quantum behaviour' in a browser. Closing the browser and reopening solves the issue, so it's a minor irritant. I thought I'd ask in case anyone had this and sorted it.

camorri 10-11-2012 09:25 AM

Firefox 16.0 is in the repos, installed it yesterday. Give it a go, and see if the behaviour remains.

onebuck 10-11-2012 11:34 AM

Member Response

Seems there are some security issues with FF 16.0: First update for Slackware 14.0

business_kid 10-11-2012 12:16 PM

I won't update, as they have pulled that update - some exploitable thing.
This wasn't there in 13.37, so I could downgrade. I was hoping for a fix (fix <blah> in about:config or the like)

I have my laptop on 14.0/xfce and an old Athlon 32 bit on 13.37, and the 13.37 firefox seems much nicer somehow.

business_kid 10-12-2012 08:13 AM

I have discovered a work around for this.

Starting Firefox, open 2 windows - don't just use tabs. I normally have one window. The top window goes awry on suspend, so you close it, and another is underneath, which works OK.

onebuck 10-12-2012 08:55 AM

Member Response

Update release for FF 16.0.1 & T-Bird 16.0.1;

From x86_64 -current changelog;

Thu Oct 11 21:25:20 UTC 2012
xap/mozilla-firefox-16.0.1-x86_64-1.txz: Upgraded.
This update fixes a security vulnerability that could allow a malicious
site to potentially determine which websites users have visited and have
access to the URL or URL parameters.
(* Security fix *)
xap/mozilla-thunderbird-16.0.1-x86_64-1.txz: Upgraded.
This release contains security fixes and improvements.
For more information, see:
(* Security fix *)

business_kid 10-12-2012 12:02 PM

That was quick!

I'll wait for it to percolate through to the Updates/ in a pkg before trying it.

brianL 10-12-2012 12:06 PM

It's percolated. Well, depending on which mirror you use.

business_kid 10-13-2012 04:07 AM


Originally Posted by brianL (Post 4804027)
It's percolated. Well, depending on which mirror you use.

It percolated as far as anyhow, and the problem remains :-((. Interestingly, it also affects the NoScript addon (The options thingy at page bottom). And the second browser window trick still works.

onebuck 10-13-2012 08:57 AM

Member Response

Look here:

I am not having issue with addons. NoScript works fine for me as does Adblock. One thing that I noticed was that if you install Adblock before NoScript then things sometimes happen when detecting conflicts or untrusted content. I just flipped the installs and have not had a problem since.

business_kid 10-13-2012 04:22 PM

I expressed myself poorly - NoScript's menu is affected by the suspend/resume menu misbehaviour.
Results are encouraging if I shift away from the browser's virtual display onto another before suspending. In any case, I can simply hit Ctrl_N for a new window which I close on resume, and there is no misbehaviour.

I do feel that this is somehow related to the new version of the Radeon driver & Mesa, which gives significant artifacts despite being faster. Chunks were always misdrawn at times, but now it's worse. The classic being that a line of text vanishes out of a window like this and is replaced by a bit of menu bar or a few red dashes/ Pg-Up & Pg-Down restores sanity. The video is old


01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])
        Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Device 30c2
        Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 64, IRQ 40
        Memory at c0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=128M]
        Memory at d0200000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=64K]
        I/O ports at 4000 [size=256]
        Memory at d0300000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=1M]
        Expansion ROM at <unassigned> [disabled]
        Capabilities: [50] Power Management version 2
        Capabilities: [80] MSI: Enable+ Count=1/1 Maskable- 64bit+
        Kernel driver in use: radeon

So I'm marking this solved, and thank all contributors for their wise input.

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