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Didier Spaier 01-29-2009 07:09 AM

Success/failure reports installing Windows 7 beta in VirtualBox on Slackware 12.2 ?
Hi everybody,

I successfully downloaded 7000.0.081212-1400_client_en-us_Ultimate-GB1CULFRE_EN_DVD.iso from Microsoft. Just curious to see what it looks like.

I plan to install it in VirtualBox using SlackBuilds from

Any report about success or failure in doing that will be appreciated, so that I do not waste too much time in fulfilling this _self_assigned_but_not_really_urgent_nor_essential_task_

Thanks in advance for your testimonies and clues :cool:

acummings 01-29-2009 11:50 PM

al@p3srv:/mnt/sata/iso$ lsg 700
al@p3srv:/mnt/sata/iso$ cat /etc/slackware-version
Slackware 11.0.0

(right now I'm on) Pent III Supermicro serverworks chip dual cpu box

Tomorrow I up my E6750 Intel dual core on an Asus P45 Intel chipset motherboard. Then, on goes Slackware 12.2

Then KVM er uh probably VirtualBox first (I guess).

And then, well, I be not the only one curious if the above will run in a VM . . .



Didier Spaier 02-17-2009 01:34 AM

It works
I installed VirtualBox 2.1.2 using the Slackbuilds provided by ppr:kut @ and could install Windows 7 beta 1 in it and run it.

adriv 02-21-2009 11:22 AM

I got the VirtualBox binary (which worked ot-of-the box, while I couldn't get VirtualBox working via a SlackBuild script).
So now I've got Windows 7 running too. :)

What do you think of it (W7)?

Didier Spaier 02-21-2009 11:33 AM

I was successful in installing and running VirtualBox 2.1.4 with the SlackBuilds provided by Heinz @ (OSE edition) but ended up installing the PUEL edition instead as there is not support for USB in the OSE edition as of today.

At first, to my eyes Windows 7 beta seems to have a cleaner GUI than Vista (wich I had to use on a very few occasions) but I can't say much about it.

In fact I only needed it because I wanted to install the driver for an USB to VGA adapter I bought and for which there is no Linux driver yet. At least that works ;)


adriv 02-21-2009 11:47 AM

For me it's just playing around a bit. ;)
My 2 cents: W7 is faster and less irritating than Vista, and it looks nice. My network configuration (static IP) was automatically configured properly without me adjusting anything, which surprised me.
Further more, the looks have been heavily inspired by Mac OS X and KDE 4, if you ask me. Internet Explorer 8 is a disaster in my opinion (well, when you're used to Firefox or Opera). Like always: Windows tries to think for you (and I don't like that ;) ).
It's leaner and less irritating than Vista and more secure than XP, so I guess Windows 7 users make a step forward.
On the other hand: it's clear that MS has lost it from Apple and KDE as it comes to "userfriendly" and "good looks".
Well, IMHO.

acummings 03-25-2009 10:49 PM

Hi. I just now got the Win 7 beta up in KVM

KVM 84

Dual core Intel E6750

8GB ram. 750 GB sata

Slack-Current kernel source compiled on Slack 12.2 with huge memory support -- has KVM module/driver built in kernel (the slack-current generic-smp config)

compiled, got that kernel running (on Slackware 12.2), then

modprobe kvm-intel

DL KVM 84 source

DL KVM 83 build script from

did a few slight mods to that build script.

then used that to build KVM 84 for Slack 12.2 as it exists here, running kernel

then installed that (KVM) package

then created an empty qcow image file

and made sure that my Samba (smb file sys service) is running

then installed Win 7 into said qcow file

KVM is smart enough that it auto got both the internet and the (host's) Samba shares access working for Win 7

Very successful so far. Win 7 runs rather fast. But I did dedicate 2047 (2GB) of ram.

Does anyone have any more around to_its to spare to me? (fancys getting even more things off of the back burner)


Didier Spaier 03-26-2009 04:40 AM

Hi Alan,

glad you have it working in KVM.

I will try that too.

For now I have Slackware-current and Windows 7 beta running through VirtualBox in Slackware 12 (not as the same time as I have not enough resources in my laptop: only 1 GB memory and a 80 GB HD).

I could try to install another Windows 7 in Slackware-current through KVM. Not sure that this "a VM in a VM" way would lead to success though ;)

I'd better do it on my "real" laptop; I already installed a 2.6.29 kernel so there should be no real problem but for some performance issue.

Do you have USB working in Windows 7 through KVM ? In fact this the only feature I need (see my last post on this thread).

Take care,

EDIT. Unfortunately it won't work as my CPU (Intel Pentium M) is not VT capable :(

acummings 03-27-2009 04:46 AM



Do you have USB working in Windows 7 through KVM ?
I'll try it and see then report back here within several days (no one passed me more round to_its yet). Works fine on the host.


Unfortunately it won't work as my CPU (Intel Pentium M) is not VT capable
I don't know how much of a speed difference

But, here, with the setup I shared, Win 7 runs just like as if its right on the hardware of a moderately powerful pentium 4 desktop box (it's not -- it's the guest in KVM -- Slack is the host). I Got W!n right where it belongs -- where **I** am in control -- where **I** run the show

Win 7 screen res don't go any higher than 1024x768 (probably a limitation of the Qemu that KVM uses) (hint: Qemu furnishes certain "hardware" [the virtualized kind] to the guest).

This setup will not be for everyone. But it serves my need very very well.


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