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bimboleum 01-23-2013 12:48 PM

Strange interaction between camera and wifi on Thikpad W530
I have a Thinkpad W530 ... Slackware 14, kernel 3.8.0 from nouveau.

Built a new kernel ... nouveau supports the NVIDIA GPU, everything works.

Except for the camera ... investigation shows the uvc module is not built.
Configure the kernel to build the UVC module, build the modules only ... maybe this is a mistake! ... camera works, but now my previously stable wifi connection keeps dropping with "deauthenticated ... (reason 7)"!

Blacklist the uvc module and the wifi works fine ... note the camera is a USB device and the wifi is a PCI device, so why the interaction.

Anyone seen this before??


pete hilton

business_kid 01-24-2013 09:23 AM

According to /usr/include/asm-generic/errno-base.h, reason 7 is argument too long.

File the bug, because you have a real one and software heads will lose spittle as they talk about it :-). There are kernel options specifically for a Thinkpad, and check those, as IIRC thinkpads were one of the principal reasons apm was deprecated - they did absolutely weird things to irqs

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