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Lockywolf 10-08-2012 04:50 AM

Strange bug with csh.
I use tcsh as my shell.

The strange thing is that /etc/profile.d/bsd-games-login-fortune.csh gets executed for all shells, not just login ones.

I mean, when i run "su" I get a fortune:


locky@netbook:~% su locky

Boy, that crayon sure did hurt!


This leads to an even more strange consequence:
I cannot run "less" command as for every file it shows less'ed fortune text. (different each time).

As a temporary workaround, I chmodded -x /etc/profile.d/bsd-games-login-fortune.csh, but it seems like a bug in Slackware.

jmccue 10-08-2012 11:38 AM

None of that happens for me, I would check out your ~/.login and ~/.tcsrc. Things to consider:
Are you starting tcsh as `tcsh -l` ?
'su' to root keeps you in /bin/tcsh ?
Does this happen when executing a script ?
Are commands you do not want to run except when logging in bracketed by

if ($?prompt) then

I noticed a very minor issue with /etc/csh.login, this line:

set path = ( $path /usr/games )
can cause duplicate entries to show up in $path, depending upon what you are doing. I changed it to

set path = ( /usr/local/bin /bin /usr/games )
in order to correct the issue. At one time in a prior release /etc/csh.login was changed to prevent dups, I think the change was different than above. I am planning to search for that change but been lazy so far :)


Lockywolf 10-09-2012 03:09 AM


Are commands you do not want to run except when logging in bracketed by
that's not me:-) it is Slackware


locky@netbook:~> cat /etc/profile.d/bsd-games-login-fortune.csh
# Print a fortune cookie for login shells:

if ( { tty --silent } ) then >& /dev/null
  echo "" ; fortune fortunes fortunes2 linuxcookie ; echo ""
locky@netbook:~> /etc/profile.d/
locky@netbook:~> /etc/profile.d/bsd-games-login-fortune.csh

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