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solvnetguru 12-08-2004 08:39 PM

Spamassassin install fails in Slack 10.0
Trying to install spamassassin in my clean install of Slack 10.0 but it fails in Makefile.PL because it can't find the required parser 3.24 and SHA1 0 .

Any reason these are missing from the initial install? I understand that the parser is to extract html in the emails, but I don't know what the SHA1 is. And worse, newbie problem of how to implement them or where to get them.

Any help folks?


bathory 12-09-2004 02:45 AM

You must install first Digest-SHA1 and HTML-Parser (for this you also need HTML-Tagset-3.03)
You can d/l the from cpan (

solvnetguru 12-09-2004 07:19 AM

This is the newbie part, How do I install them. When I do a CPAN search i get a whole bunch of info about but nothing as a to do.

Do I cut and paste the source and save it as the previosly named PM file? If so then what do I do with it? Copy it to a specific directory? I understand that this is the only way to learn UNIX, so instead of asking for the fish I'm asking how to fish.

bathory 12-09-2004 07:31 AM

Well, cpan is a little tricky. So here are the links to d/l the modules:
After extracting each one of them of them enter into the respective directory and run:

perl Makefile.PL
When done, with no errors hopefully, enter the directory of spamassassin and do a "perl Makefile.PL" again.

rotvogel 12-09-2004 07:40 AM

You have to configure your perl as root. It will ask you questions and most of the times the defaults are fine. After that you are able to install packages from the CPAN archive. Please read the instructions on your screen carefully.

perl - e shell -MCPAN
After a lot of questions you will see a prompt:

Update the CPAN package by typing:

cpan> install Bundle::CPAN
It will install all kinds of things. Ater that install the modules you need to install your modules:

cpan> install Digest::SHA1
cpan> install HTML::Parser

This is one way of doing it, there are others.

solvnetguru 12-09-2004 08:42 AM

Cool, thanks for the links to the tarballs, that's what i was originally looking for.

WebMin has a PERL mod install module that installs the tarballs altho I could have done the Makefile.PLs myself too :cool:

One note tho, you need to install the HTML tags BEFORE installing the parser, otherwise the parser fails on install,


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