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trainee 02-05-2006 09:55 AM

Sound problem on Slackware
I really need a hint now.

I installed Slackware on my laptop. My new laptop now is a HP Pavilion dv4155cl. Since the kernel 2.4.31 does not support the Intel PRO 2200 (the ipw) I rebuilt the kernel with 2.6.15 kernel, follow the Tutorial up here, get the Wireless up and running. But, the sound went down. I tried many times, but could not get the sound up and running. I rebuilt the kernel twice without success. Even though I had chosen nearly all the option of the PCI bus. And in the
Device Driver -> Sound -> ALSA -> I have chosen everything, and chose the correct PCI device of the sound. Yet, no success.
Is there anyway to get around this problem? I'm not afraid to rebuild the kernel again, but I don't know what else can I do.
The message is still
FATAL: Module snd_pcm_oss not found
FATAL: Module snd_mixer_oss not found
(even though I had chosen the module)

Is there anyway to install the ALSA manually?

lestoil 02-05-2006 01:49 PM

One web reference says your lappy uses altec lansing(ALi?) for sound. What sound card or chip is listed for your lappy-in manual or with lspci? lsmod and dmesg | less may give useful info. is only place I found with mention of sound card. Once you setup your lappy with everything working give a thought to adding your howto to linux-on-latop or tuxmobile listing.
Maybe can help. Alsa should work. Good luck.

kodon 02-05-2006 02:01 PM

those error messages might be originating
from the rc.alsa that came with the alsa slackpack
for the default kernel.

and yes, it is very easy to install alsa manually...
leave alsa out of the kernel (only include soundcore)
download alsa from
(at the minimum you will need drivers, libraries, and utilities)
do the standard `./configure; make; make install`
(perhaps add the --with-cards flag to the drivers configuration)
run alsaconf, alsamixer, alsactl store, alsactrl restore

Alien_Hominid 02-05-2006 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by trainee
FATAL: Module snd_pcm_oss not found
FATAL: Module snd_mixer_oss not found

Don't worry. These modules aren't needed if you use alsa (they are for open sound system). Try to compile alsa into the kernel (not as modules) so they will definitely be loaded. After kernel recompile, use alsaconf, unmute with alsamixer and then alsactl store.
P.S. I also started to get these errors after 2.6 kernel compile. But sound is working perfectly for me.

lestoil 02-05-2006 02:53 PM

yeah but you need right kernel ac97 selection for alsaconf to work in recognizing card. There is line with ac97 for intel,via,sis that includes Ali that would be correct if one of those matches sound card.

dive 02-05-2006 02:59 PM

Instructions for installing Alsa say only compile with sound support, do not compile in any of the devices under alsa or oss

lestoil 02-05-2006 04:07 PM

My SW10.2 lsmod shows aureal module used by alsaconf for sound to work. Luckily test26(2.6.13) kernel came with that module available. trainee what does your lsmod show?
And do you know what card you have or its chip?

trainee 02-06-2006 10:39 PM

It is really weird now. My sound work, yet, it sound like having hiccup now. :confused: Do you guys know how to just shut it up for now? (It doesn't recognize any soundcard so I am stuck. )
I am really considering rebuild my kernel without sound this weekend and then manually install alsa as kodon suggest.

MMYoung 02-07-2006 12:34 AM

1st, snd_pcm_oss and snd_mixer_oss are the ALSA plugins for OSS "emulation" and are not part of the older Open Sound System. I don't have OSS selected in my kernel build but BOTH of those modules are loaded on my system.

2nd, open a terminal, su to root and type in lspci. The output from that will (should) tell you what sound card chip is present in your PC.

3rd, with the information gathered from lspci go to the ALSA web site and look for the specific instructions for building the drivers for your sound chip.


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