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Vincent 09-21-2003 01:47 PM

some daemon-related questions
As I'm never satisfied with the stability and performance of my system, I'm searching for ways to tune my system by decreasing the boot-time. So which daemons can be deactivated risklessly?

bash-2.05b# ls
rc.0        rc.hotplug    rc.inetd      rc.netdevice  rc.sshd
rc.4      rc.S            rc.inet1      rc.ip_forward  rc.pcmcia    rc.syslog
rc.6        rc.inet1.conf  rc.keymap      rc.portmap    rc.sysvinit  rc.acpid  rc.local      rc.samba
rc.K      rc.font.sample  rc.inet2      rc.lprng      rc.sendmail
rc.M      rc.gpm-sample  rc.modules    rc.serial

I don't know what the particular daemons do :(.
Surely, the need for the daemons depends on my configuration, but I'll give any information you ask for.

I would be very glad for any documentation for this topic (and sorry for my moderate german-school-english :))

MasterC 09-21-2003 02:19 PM

Do you use sendmail, ssh, or NFS?

Do you have any PCMCIA devices? How about a printer? Do you connect over a network to Windoze boxes?


Vincent 09-21-2003 02:29 PM

sendmail is this old email client, isn't it?
I use sylpheed, so I likely don't need this one. The reason why I was unsure is that it runs as a daemon what "normal" email client does not.

pcmcia is needed mostly needed by laptops, but I don't have one :).

I have no printer.

Yes, there are windows boxes running in my LAN.

SSH is needed, too.

MasterC 09-21-2003 03:15 PM

Sendmail is actually a mail server, not a client. It is used if you don't use your ISP's mail server, or some other form of external mail server. If you use your ISP's mail server with Sylpheed, then you can safely disable the rc.sendmail:
chmod -x rc.sendmail rc.pcmcia rc.lprng

For the Windoze boxes, you want rc.samba, so leave that alone, and for ssh, you want intet1 that one is out as well.

You can dig through the run level scripts if you'd like to determine things you don't need in those, but that (to me) is excessive.


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