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Norgi 03-22-2013 03:24 PM

(Solved) Bumblebee "Cannot access Secondary GPU, secondary X is not active"
apparently even though nvidia is selected as driver in the bumblebee.conf, somehow he still tries to access it, to prevent that i installed a package to blacklist the nouveau driver:


tbh i have read about that blacklist fix somewhere earlier, so it was me just being stupid again :doh:


I am trying to get bumblebee working and followed the guide on the wiki

Everything went perfect untill i tried to actually run bumblebee.
that results in following error no matter what application i want to start with optirun:

optirun glxspheres
[ 3941.903881] [ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU, secondary X is not active.

[ 3941.903995] [ERROR]Aborting because fallback start is disabled.

running with debug to get something out of it:

optirun --debug glxinfo
[ 3523.243130] [DEBUG]optirun version 3.1-2013-02-21-Format:%h$ starting...
[ 3523.243226] [DEBUG]Active configuration:
[ 3523.243261] [DEBUG] bumblebeed config file: /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf
[ 3523.243291] [DEBUG] X display: :8
[ 3523.243328] [DEBUG] LD_LIBRARY_PATH: /usr/lib64/nvidia-bumblebee:/usr/lib/nvidia-bumblebee
[ 3523.243373] [DEBUG] Socket path: /var/run/bumblebee.socket
[ 3523.243401] [DEBUG] Accel/display bridge: auto
[ 3523.243426] [DEBUG] VGL Compression: proxy
[ 3523.243514] [DEBUG]Using auto-detected bridge virtualgl
[ 3526.259986] [INFO]Response: No, secondary X is not active.

[ 3526.260055] [ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU, secondary X is not active.

[ 3526.260073] [DEBUG]Socket closed.
[ 3526.260118] [ERROR]Aborting because fallback start is disabled.
[ 3526.260138] [DEBUG]Killing all remaining processes.
I guess optirun somehow cannot create a secondary X, but i dont know why.



# Acceleration/ rendering bridge, possible values are auto, virtualgl and
# primus.
# The method used for VirtualGL to transport frames between X servers.
# Possible values are proxy, jpeg, rgb, xv and yuv.
# Should the program run under optirun even if Bumblebee server or nvidia card
# is not available?

# Driver-specific settings are grouped under [driver-NAME]. The sections are
# parsed if the Driver setting in [bumblebeed] is set to NAME (or if auto-
# detection resolves to NAME).
# PMMethod: method to use for saving power by disabling the nvidia card, valid
# values are: auto - automatically detect which PM method to use
# bbswitch - new in BB 3, recommended if available
# switcheroo - vga_switcheroo method, use at your own risk
# none - disable PM completely

## Section with nvidia driver specific options, only parsed if Driver=nvidia
# Module name to load, defaults to Driver if empty or unset
# colon-separated path to the nvidia libraries
# comma-separated path of the directory containing and the
# default Xorg modules path

## Section with nouveau driver specific options, only parsed if Driver=nouveau

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