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escaflown 05-04-2014 10:15 AM

Slsackware for a kiosk setup
I'm looking for people feedback regarding using Slackware to setup a kiosk system. I'm contemplating doing that setup for a lobby room to display videos, presentation slides, photos, webpages.
What are your experiences in terms of:
- hardware
- Slackware configuration
- DE
- Maintenance
- single tv vs network configuration with multiple tvs

I found an old thread by Woodsman describing a similar project but the link to the results summary doesn't work.

Woodsman 05-04-2014 12:24 PM

Possibly the link was to my old web site? Sorry. :)

Kiosk is another way to say "lockdown" features.

I use Trinity in my HTPC on Slackware 14.0. Originally when I built the HTPC I used KDE3 (yes that long ago!), from which Trinity and KDE4 all inherited the same kiosk/lockdown features.

Xfce and either Cinnamon or Mate, I don't remember which, has lockdown features too. I don't remember my reasons but I did not like the Xfce approach. I have yet to tinker with Cinnamon/Mate.

Here are the settings I use in my HTPC main login account, which the HTPC defaults to auto-booting into:


[KDE Action Restrictions]

The HTPC computer is connected to a 37 inch TV. I use a basic Logitech PC 2.1 speaker system for sound. Nothing fancy. I use the Triniity login manager and boot into run level 4 as the default. I don't have the entire system in super lockdown. For example, I have the GRUB 1 boot manager configured to allow me to boot into maintenance mode or continue booting within 5 seconds. I could eliminate that if I wanted. I have SSH enabled as well as NFS, which is the primary way I normally access the box for most maintenance. That could be disabled too. Just remember you need some method of accessing the system after you start imposing kiosk/lockdown options. :)

Before imposing the desktop lockdown features, spend time ensuring the desktop is configured the way you want. Once the lockdown features are imposed there is no way to configure the desktop without logging out and temporarily disabling the lockdown options.

escaflown 05-04-2014 01:03 PM

Thanks Woodsman!

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