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Ron Parker 08-19-2009 01:34 PM

Slackware64-current Segmentation Fault in cryptsetup
Running "cryptsetup luksAddKey /dev/md2" encounters a segmentation fault after entering the passphrase that I want to add.

So, I grabbed the 1.0.6 source from a/cryptsetup, applied the use_udevadm patch, configured it and built it. Then I cd'd to src and ran ./cryptsetup. Everything worked fine. I did not have the time (at work) to play with the SlackBuild and track down the issue, but hope this helps.

gargamel 08-19-2009 02:28 PM

Using cryptsetup.dynamic instead of just cryptsetup worked for me. No need to compile anything from source.

Thanks for reporting your successful alternative here, anyway!


C-Sniper 08-19-2009 03:04 PM

I know the segfault is a known bug. Interesting work-around though. Good find.

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