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val3xiv 08-01-2009 02:24 AM

Slackware64 12.2. Atheros wireless troubles.
Hello. I'm getting some problems with my Atheros wireless card on my notebook.
Distro: Slackware64-current
Notebook: Toshiba Satellite L350

I can connect to my Belkin router throught dhcp but sometimes (maybe every 10-15 minues) my card lose the connection with the router and

# iwconfig
says Access Point: Not-associated
When it happens I simply need to give the command

# iwconfig wlan0 essid MYESSID
(without specifying again my wep key) and it starts to work again.
It seems also that the problem doesn't happen when connection is used: if I put on background a

$ wget --limit-rate=100
my card works without falliing asleep.
Any ideas?


metrofox 08-01-2009 05:10 AM

Do you use slackware64 o slackware 12.2? Slackware64 and slackware 12.2 are different, slackware64 is -current and slackware 12.2 isn't 64 :D

val3xiv 08-01-2009 05:31 AM

I use slackware-64

metrofox 08-01-2009 07:20 AM

However, This might be caused by the drivers of your atheros, do you use the ath5k or the 9s? I've got a Toshiba Satellite L300 and this is my atheros card:


03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)
If you've got the same card tell me which drivers you've installed on your system(lsmod | grep ath), post it here, post it model of the card(use lspci as root), where did you get the drivers?

A suggestion: WEP algorithm is now obsolete, I'd crypt my network with a WPA-PSK key, it's safer and harder to crack, by LoHackers and creckers :D Bye...

val3xiv 08-01-2009 04:08 PM

Thank metrofox for your answering, your english is good, maybe because I'm italian too :-)
Anyway my Atheros wireless card is the same of yours

03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)
and I'm using ath5k driver (card doesn't work with ath9s). The ath5k driver is the one on the kernel sources.

metrofox 08-02-2009 08:10 AM

I use the ath5k drivers, when you run "lsmod | grep ath" the output might show other drivers(mac80211 for example) etc, does it for you? :)

Ci vediamo :D

val3xiv 08-02-2009 08:25 AM

Well, of course output shows others modules, so that my wireless work when id doesn't lose connection with router.

ath5k                104604  0
mac80211              148480  1 ath5k
led_class              4144  1 ath5k
cfg80211              37080  2 ath5k,mac80211


val3xiv 08-23-2009 04:47 PM

Hello. I solved my problem installing MadWifi and using ath_pci module instead of ath5k. For more informations see at

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