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nakkaya 01-29-2003 07:10 PM

slackware x server
my first dist was slackware i got some help from a magazine to get the x system work in turkey now i am in us and i want to switch to slackware from redhat but i couldnt get the x server system work can some one explain my how to do the x server settings and dsl settings(dynamic ip with dhcp).:cry:

Excalibur 01-29-2003 07:32 PM

If you would like to start with VESA mode, you can using the /etc/X11/XF86Config-vesa file. Just copy (cp) it to the /etc/X11/XF86Config. Then attempt to to run startx. If it still doesn't work or if you do not desire VESA then you can try to use the "xf86cfg" configurator. If you have framebuffer support enable in lilo and kernel, there is also a base XF86Config-fbdev config you can try.

You can use the "netconfig" script to locate and configure the first NIC in a system. Tell it to use DHCP for the IP assignment. If it is a second NIC then try to load "dhcpcd eth1". You can use "ifconfig" to view your interface configurations. Once you get an IP assignment then check the route table "route -n" to make sure a defualt gateway is listed and view the /etc/resolv.conf to verify that proper DNS server assignments were made.

If you continue to have problems then post your hardware or search here on LQ for more details for your specific hardware. Good Luck.

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