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SlacUser 04-23-2007 10:04 AM

Slackware Update
Hi, I'm a new Slackware user, but I have used another distributions like Fedora. I recently installed Slackware 10.2, and I don't know what to do know.
In fedora, after the installation was accomplissed, I download the latest packages and dependencies that were available at the moment, with the command "yum update", and it was really easy.
Now I don't know if it is similar in Slackware, I haven't found yet how can I do the updates to my packages, kernel and dependencies.

If someone can give me a tip or sometime, Thanks.

simcox1 04-23-2007 10:27 AM

The best way to keep slackware up to date, is to simply go to any mirror, and download the packages in the patches/ directory. Make a folder in your home directory, and download all the packages to there. Then upgrade each package with the following command.

upgradepkg NAMEOFPACKAGE.tgz

Read the changelog to see of there are any special instructions. For example, if there is a new package, or something has changed its name, you can use 'upgradepkg --install-new'. Here is a slackware mirror.

Click on patches/ , and then read the ChangeLog.txt. Then click on packages/ where you will find all the updates. There are automated tools, but they can get you into trouble, and it's always best to read the changelog.

manwichmakesameal 04-23-2007 11:45 AM

You could use something like KSlackCheck. It will check what you have installed and give you a list of packages to upgrade. It won't install anything, so you don't have to worry too much about hosing your system. If you are going from 10.2 to 11 or current, you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to read UPGRADE.TXT or the CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT in current.

gargamel 04-23-2007 02:15 PM

KSlackCheck is very good, indeed.
A command line alternative is slackpkg. It's in /extra on one of the Slackware CDs.

To apply security fixes and important patches, just type (as root):

# slackpkg update
# slackpkg upgrade patches

That's all there is to keeping "official" packages up-to-date. If you have 3rd party packages installed, it's up to you how to keep them up-to-date.


Tux-Slack 04-23-2007 03:33 PM

i use slapt-get for this

SlacUser 04-23-2007 03:52 PM

I have already downloaded those packages in the mirror you gave me, and I was upgrading them, until the OS crashes, first, it didn't recognize any command at the console, and I restart the computer, and it doesn't allow me to enter to Slackware.
It show's me this error:
INIT: cannot execute "/sbin/agetty" (Several times)
INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel

simcox1 04-23-2007 04:11 PM

Which package were you upgrading when it crashed?

SlacUser 04-23-2007 04:55 PM

I was upgrading these packages:

After these pachages, the console did not recognize any of the commands, neither reboot.

MS3FGX 04-23-2007 05:08 PM

Upgrading the glibc packages is not something to be taken lightly, as it has significant effect on the rest of the operating system.

Did you follow the notes in the UPGRADE.TXT and CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT files as you were instructed to earlier?

simcox1 04-24-2007 02:38 AM

Try booting in single user mode and reinstalling the updates. Install all the glibc packages first, and then the other updates. To boot in single user mode, append the word 'single' at the lilo boot prompt. When you get the lilo boot screen, hit the <tab> key and then type whatever your lilo entry is called, followed by 'single'. So if your menu entry is called Linux, you would type

Linux single

That will hopefully boot you into single user mode. Then cd to where your updates are. Start with the glibc packages, and use this command.

upgradepkg --reinstall NAMEOFPACKAGE.tgz

And then reboot. Control-Alt-Delete.

simcox1 04-25-2007 01:40 PM

Did you get it sorted in the end SlacUser? I hope you haven't been put off using Slackware. I'm not sure why you had problems with the updates. Updating glibc shouldn't have been a problem as it was a patch and not a version change. So I'm not sure what went wrong there.

SlacUser 04-25-2007 02:13 PM

Thanks, I reinstall the packages and I upgrade them with Slackpkg.
Thanks you all =)

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