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moob8 10-17-2006 07:38 PM

slackware tin and pictures
Today I've been trying out tin newsreader. I was just wondering if there is a way to have it call an external image viewing program when a post has a picture attached. At the moment I have a workaround where I can save the picture to a file and then view that later but that's kind of awkward. Would like to just press a key in tin and *bam* xv or something brings up the picture.

Not sure if this is even possible. google returned no positive results.

Kingscriber 10-18-2006 08:02 AM

Well, I don't know much about tin, unless there is some type of preference that allows you to do something like that, I honestly don't see how you can achieve that without doing any sort of programming / scripting.

moob8 10-18-2006 05:56 PM

Well, the pine (not tin) man page gave me a needed hint. Make a file in /etc called mailcap. In it, list for each mime type a method of handling said mime type. Calling external programs is possible. So by copying over a sample mailcap file from the tin docs directory I've gotten it so that jpegs can be shown by tin (by calling xv). Nice. :)

Of course if the image was just popped in as uuencoding with no mime "wrapper", then tin won't recognize it. I guess I'll have to find another newsreader. :/

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