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marbangens 05-07-2017 06:08 PM

Slackware sv-latin1 installation dvd input and font problem
hello, you'r Slackware install dvd environment is bugging me. I cant sleep anymore and have nightmares. when I'm asked to put in foreign keyboard, I'll select sv-lat1 cus I have a Swedish qwerty keybord. when I try on my keyboard it shows only 3 black boxes. Then I go forward and login as root. then I see the horror.

when I hit on keyboard then I get to this bash mode

(arg: 6)
!! the next input I'll do be six times!!
so if I input

I'll get:

and makes thous black boxes still.

I don't want to install Slackware cus of this now

Didier Spaier 05-08-2017 12:58 AM

The issue with trying on your keyboard is that the font used then does not include the proper glyphs.

But you will only need to type characters from the ASCII set during installation, so do not type any non-ASCII character when trying the keyboard after having installed the keymap sv-latin1.

I think that you can then proceed to Slackware installation without issue.

Incidentally I have checked that in Slint (Slackware derivative, see in my signature), for Swedish we do set sv-latin1 by default and this has probably been tried at least by our Swedish translator ;)

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