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FreakboY 10-24-2004 12:17 AM

Slackware Logo Font!??
does anyone knows what font was used in the slackware logo!??

I did search the forums/net and no success...

MikeZila 10-24-2004 03:33 AM

It looks as though any decent typewriter lookalike would suffice.

MikeZila 10-24-2004 03:33 AM

Maybe you could e-mail them and ask?

phys 09-17-2011 04:35 PM


Originally Posted by FreakboY (Post 1252715)
does anyone knows what font was used in the slackware logo!??

i went to but i was getting:
HTTP Server Error 503
Sorry, no servers were available to service your request.

I already search the forum and no success search the net
and still no success...

"Nimbus Mono L" close to the font of S in the Slackware Logo.

disturbed1 09-17-2011 05:08 PM


Q: What is the original Slackware font as used in the old-style
Slackware-with-an-underline style logo ?

A: Old response: We *think* it's simply "Courier New."
New response I just got from: Paul O'Leary McCann

I've checked the main Slackware logo (name-with-underline) against some
fonts, and it looks like it's Courier, not Courier New as you have it in
the FAQ. It also looks a hell of a lot like Rockwell. Courier New is
inappropriate because it rounds off the ends of the letters, which isn't
very slack of it. Figured this might be of some assistance; it helps me
since I'm making a shirt for myself. -POLM

damn thread necromancy :(

FreakboY 09-17-2011 06:45 PM

lol... this is an old thread... =/ Oct 23 2004

sanshin 11-18-2011 06:49 PM

The font is TeX cmtt. The whole logo is made in TeX.

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