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Dsense 09-03-2002 03:31 AM

Slackware Install Weirdness.
Hey, I've been searching around looking for the answer to this question for a few days. I've installed Slackware 8.1 on my pentium 4 with no problem and decided hey my AMD 900 has XP which is a giant pig so why not install slack on that also. Here's what happens. I DL'd the root and boot disks and my friend had burned me the slackware CD (unbootable unfortunatly) as I am on a 56k. Any way I boot from the boot disk and everything goes nicely untill asked to insert the first root disk. once I do that the screen gets multiple vertical bars and nothing else. Bars are a multitude of colors but usually stay in the brownish red and grey area. OK now this "was" a compaq that I kinda hacked the death out of. I think the problem is the intergrated :gringes: vid card. which is reported as an S3 prosavage I think it also says something like K133.. I also tried to install an old version of Mandrake and was unable to boot the system without getting GPF's. Any ideas or similiar experience??

awdoyle 09-03-2002 03:59 AM

You might try the different root disk:

The terminal-based installation disk for 1.44 meg drives. should use color.gz, but a few people have reported problems with it on their system. If color.gz doesn't work on your system, try text.gz."


Dsense 09-03-2002 02:33 PM

I'm DL'ing the color.gz right now, I don't see a text.gz anywhere I see it on the slackware page but not on the FTP's I'll keep searching. I didn't DL either of those when I first intalled slack. I DL'd the five install.* disks and rawrite. It installed fine on my Pentium system. huh. Thank you very much for the help and I'll let you know how it works out.

awdoyle 09-03-2002 03:10 PM

I hadn't found the text.gz initially either. Then I looked for it on the Slackware 7.0 version and found it. Kinda wierd that it wouldn't be on the newer releases, huh?


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