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bschiett 03-05-2005 12:30 PM

slackware install hangs after s-ata detection
Hi all,

I put together a brand new shuttle sn41g2 v3 box with 2x 250gb serial-ATA drives (the motherboard is an nForce 2 board i think with IGP/MCP). the CPU is an athlon sempron 2800 and I added 1GB of DDR333 ram (2x 512 mb)

I've been trying to install a fast and secure linux distribution on it. I've tried slackware, debian, gentoo, fedora, knoppix, and arch linux. I want to use the machine for storing my huge mailbox (currently in outlook on a PC) and fetch my mail using pop. so I guess I would be running an IMAP server with a webmail frontend. I also want to run a webserver and a mysql on it, and samba for serving the files I work with every day. I want to use the serial-ATA drives in a raid1 mirror array and I want to boot from them (nothing else in the system besides the DVD-rom drive).

unfortunately, most distributions hang when the install CD boots, when it tries to detect the serial-ATA drivers/controller. I only managed to install fedora but seems like a heavy complicated system optimized for i386, so it doesn't care about my nice athlon cpu. knoppix boots fine, but I wasn't sure whether this would be a good starting point for a server... debian also manages to install but I had some trouble with the packages and getting the network to run so I dropped that idea. arch linux, gentoo and slackware all hang when the install CD boots (sometimes I get disabling IRQ 11 and then it hangs or irq 11 - didn't care).

I would really like to get my server up and running. does anyone know what is going on here? I thought serial-ATA would be no problem when I put the machine together ... :(


amwink 03-05-2005 04:57 PM

In conclusion, what you need at this moment is support for your Serial ATA HD, ok?

Slackware 10.1 have a precompiled kernel with SATA support on the installation CDs.

To get it working, put the Slack 10.1 first CD in the drive and boot from the CD. In the first prompt you receive, instead of just pressing ENTER, type sata.i. This will choose this precompiled kernel you need.

When you reach the point of setting up the partitions, use /dev/sda instead of the traditional /dev/hda for IDE hard disk.

It doesn't work for Slackware 10.0 or earlier.

Hope it helps.

bschiett 03-06-2005 05:48 AM

i know i need to boot with serial ata support, so I am already booting from the sata.i image...
after detecting the sata drives the system hangs (the last message I see is Disabling IRQ 11 )
note that IRQ 11 is shared between a few devices, the serial ata controller among other things.
reserving the irq 11 in the bios doesn't change anything. then the serial ata controller is on irq 10
and I get 'Disabling IRQ 10' and again, the system hangs while booting from the sata.i image ...
note that Fedora and Debian do not have this problem.

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