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Poetics 07-30-2006 03:36 AM

Slackware + DLink C310 Webcam
I've poked around these forums and have found a great many answers to many problems, but this one still eludes me: how do I get my webcam set up? Many of the sites I am visiting have a very detailed set of steps, but sadly there still seems to be no way to get from Point A to Point B; namely, getting from creating the /dev/video0 device to getting the device to associate with it.

I have taken a look at the HCL Entry, at the Ov511 Installation Instructions and a grave many more sites, but I am most currently referencing the second link.

The DL C310 uses the ov511 driver, which is installed. lsmod shows ovcamchip and ov511 used by "0" and compat_ioctl32 and videodev both used by ov511. A probe of lsusb shows "Bus 002 Device 003: ID 05a9:8519 OmniVision Technologies, Inc." I have created the link to /dev/video0 by typing "mknod /dev/video0 c 81 0" as per many websites' descriptions.

The problem is, I haven't found a resource that shows what to do next, as they all assume everything is working at this point. xawtv gives me a "/dev/video0: no such device" error, and other video capture programs report the same, which is expected given the yellow 'unlinked' state of the /dev/video0 node.

I'd really appreciate your input. Thanks!
-- Poetics

krussell 07-31-2006 05:11 AM

hello :-)
What software you are using to use your web cam?
i have been in their web site but no linux driver or install guide so i made a quick mail to their support. we have to wait for 24/36 hours.

Poetics 07-31-2006 05:23 AM

If you take a look at either the DLink C310 in the Hardware Compatability List (as I have linked above) or the Ov511 driver website (again, as linked above), the resounding reply is that this particular camera uses the aforementioned (and linked) drivers.

krussell 07-31-2006 05:36 AM

hello :-)
installing a drivers will make ready the hardware for use. i was asking whether there is any software through which you use the camera?

Poetics 08-01-2006 12:39 AM

Well, were I to get the camera operating, I would use either xawtv or gnomemeeting to use the camera. Possibly Gaim 2.0 (when released).

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