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davimint 06-03-2007 01:11 AM

slackware current question on the current kernels
I'm typing this from the May-31st update of Slackware-current but I used a kernel I built from source.

The changes & hints text says you need a 2.6.18 or later kernel. The Slackware extra kernel in 11 is a 2.6.17 so that being said I used the huge-smp kernel from the "a" series packages. My first install was with the huge-smp kernel and everything was good and working great. I tried another install using the generic-smp kernel with initrd to stop those stupid kobject errors that Pat warned us about and I never could get it to boot, "kernel panic".....
I finally gave up on the generic-smp and built my own kernel and upgrade slackware-11 to current.

Has anyone else had this problem ? If so why ?

rworkman 06-03-2007 04:44 AM

To do the upgrade using the generic kernel instead, you would also need to install the appropriate kernel-modules package for that kernel and build the initrd. When making the initrd, pay close attention to the kernel version - if you install kernel-generic-smp- and kernel-modules-, then you'll need to make sure you pass the correct kernel version ( as opposed to just to the mkinitrd command or else the wrong modules will be in the initrd.

willysr 06-03-2007 06:52 AM

I'm using Slackware-Current also and i have no problems using custom kernel, as i used to compile the kernel from the source directly now

davimint 06-03-2007 08:39 AM

Ok, it's learning time again.
Here's the list of kernel & modules from the a series


kernel-generic-2.6.2..> 24-May-2007 20:21  2.0M 
kernel-generic-smp-2..> 24-May-2007 20:04  2.2M 
kernel-huge-> 24-May-2007 20:26  4.2M 
kernel-huge-smp-2.6...> 28-May-2007 18:20  4.5M 
kernel-modules-2.6.2..> 24-May-2007 20:24  14M 
kernel-modules-smp-2..> 24-May-2007 20:07  15M

there's is four kernels and two sets of modules

Here is what I thought was correct.
The two generic kernels require their correct modules and I must also install the initrd using the correct modules.

Here is what I am not sure about.
If I use either of the huge kernel then I don't even have to install any modules at all ? Everything is built in like the kitchen sink as Pat puts it.

I've always installed modules no matter which kernel I use even though they are built in as the huge kerenls are. Maybe that the reason I was having problems.:scratch:

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